Multi - 1 Seater Lowback

SKU: JL003A-1
Upholstery Option: Without Rib

Upholstery Option


Product Information

The inspiration for the Multi sofa comes from the skyscrapers, which are full of order and rhythm. The designer will extract this design language for interpretation, showing the sofa's vibrant and energetic modern temperament. Multi sofa combines lines, surfaces and bodies in an ingenious way, revealing individuality in a low-key manner.

Multi sofa is round and soft, and adopts a double-layer enclosed structure design. The outer screen is wrapped on three sides, using the cotton thread technology to form a simple and rhythmic thousand-layer texture; the inner backrest, cushion and pillow are filled with down, soft and full, providing users with excellent wrapping and comfort.

As a basic sofa with great versatility, Multi sofa can be integrated into most occasions such as office, leisure, negotiation, and civil use. The rich colors provide countless possibilities for matching.


Solid wood structure, fabric upholstery, high resilience sponge, electroplated metal leg


Please refer to color swatch


W980 x D840 x SH450/H800mm

Additional Info

Upholstery option of 'With Rib' or 'Without Rib'

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