Rain Flower - Lounge

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Product Information

The design of the Rain Flower Leisure Chair is inspired by the Nanjing Rain Flower Stone, refining its simple and round shape language and integrating it into the software design to show modern and traditional charm. The lines are smooth and rounded, like Yuhua stones that have been baptized by time, exuding a tranquil and elegant atmosphere. The chair carries the meaning of good luck and auspiciousness, bringing good wishes and strength to the home and office.

From the use of derivatives of the seat pier, bench, lounge chair and other applications of great space products. Its modules through the flexible combination of matching, the formation of leisure space, discussion space, aisle space and corner space,etc.


Solid wood structure, fabric upholstery, high resilience sponge


Please refer to color swatch


W645 x D645 x H820mm

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