Reflect - Dining Table

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Sale price$2,400.00
Material: Oak


Size: Dia1200mm



Product Information

Nano Laminate:-
Stemming from our stylistic and technical research, the revolutionary Nano Laminate is smooth and velvety to the touch, and its surface features are truly extraordinary: it is highly resistant to scratches and heat, as well as anti-fingerprint. The curious combination of durability and velvet smoothness gives Nano Laminate a futuristic appeal, making it the ideal choice for ultra contemporary projects, delighting the senses with a pleasant and unique effect.

Warm and Tactile Character
Linoleum delivers a combination of a satin matt surface with a warm, fine texture creating interior furniture with a truly distinctive, genuinely individual look and feel that really is unlike any other surface material available. The material is flexible and can be applied as a surface on all kinds of constructions. Linoleum is renowned for its elegance and durability, radiating high quality and finesse.


MDF, Linoleum/Nano laminate tabletop finish, plywood, stainless steel leg


Rod Material: Oak, Walnut


Dia1200 x H720mm
Dia1300 x H720mm

Additional Info

Tabletop: Linoleum, Nano laminate

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