Nielsen - Goldbell Towers

Nielsen - Goldbell Towers

The recent renovation of Nielsen - Goldbell Towers focuses on enriching the workspace experience, featuring a range of Meraki Decoration’s designs to create an inviting and productive environment. Here’s how our furniture pieces play a pivotal role in this transformation:


Creating inviting spaces for dining and casual meetings is key to fostering interaction and collaboration. The Net Dining Chair, characterized by its minimalist design and vibrant color palette, brings a modern touch to these areas. Paired with the Hem Square Dining Table, which boasts a sleek MFC board and solid wood veneer, this combination ensures lasting comfort and durability. Together, they create an ideal setting for spaces designed to encourage informal yet productive conversations.



Inspired by the need for flexible seating solutions, the Fini Training Chair combines sleek design with ergonomic functionality, making it ideal for training rooms and breakout areas. Its ergonomic design promotes good posture, reducing fatigue during long sessions, while its lightweight and stackable nature allows for easy reconfiguration of spaces, fostering a more adaptable and productive environment.


Central to any collaborative environment is a space that supports effective teamwork. The Next II Meeting Table, with its spacious design and sturdy construction, serves as the perfect centerpiece for conference rooms and collaborative zones. This table not only provides ample space for team discussions but also enhances the professional aesthetic of the meeting area, facilitating a productive atmosphere.


At Meraki Decoration, we celebrate the power of well-designed furniture to inspire and enhance the everyday work experience.


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