FL (Upholstery Available)

SKU: SC024-14
Material: FL-03W


Leg Type: PP

Leg Type


Product Information


PP with steel tube leg/Beechwood leg


PP color: Black, Light Brown, White, Neon Green, Grey, Blue, Rosy, Navy, Ginger, Matcha, Klein Blue
Upholstery color: Please refer to color swatch


FL-03W: W580 x D600 x SH450/H840mm (swivel)
FL-05: W580 x D590 x SH450/H870mm
FL-06: W580 x D585 x SH450/H840mm (swivel)
FL-07: W580 x D580 x SH450/H850mm
FL-08: W580 x D590 x SH450/H850mm
FL-09: W580 x D590 x SH450/H850mm
FL-12W: W590 x D595 x SH450/H845mm
FL-15N: W580 x D575 x SH450/H850mm
FL-Y: W590 x D845 x SH450/H790mm

Additional Info

Min. order: 4 pcs

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