Lotus - 1 Seater



Product Information

The designer draws on the beauty and connotation of the lotus and cleverly integrates it into modern office design. The design of the sofa is inspired by lotus petals, with the armrests and backrests wrapping the sitting surface like petals, showing flexibility and liveliness. The lines are smooth and elegant, creating a tranquil and profound atmosphere. This design not only inherits culture, but also innovates modern lifestyle, improves work efficiency and brings peace of mind.

The overall design of the sofa not only highlights the agility and liveliness of the lotus, but also showcases its profound cultural connotations in the details. The lines of the seat and armrest are smooth and elegant, like the gentle swaying posture of a lotus in the water, giving people a peaceful and profound feeling

Through this design language, the connotation of lotus has been successfully integrated into the office scene, making the entire space full of a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere. Working in such an environment not only improves work efficiency, but also allows people to feel a sense of spiritual tranquility and relaxation.


Solid wood structure, fabric upholstery, high resilience sponge


Please refer to color swatch


W1000 x D815 x H695mm

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