The Concourse

The Concourse

At The Concourse in Singapore, we are happy to support with a wide variety of furniture selections that bring style, comfort, and productivity to the space, perfectly complementing the brand image. Let's take a tour of the revamped areas:

The holding area is now a welcoming oasis with our Pod series. The 3-seater and 1-seater Pods, upholstered in sophisticated fabrics, offer a blend of comfort and modern design. Paired with our sleek Drip coffee and side tables, this space exudes a chic, professional vibe that leaves a great first impression on visitors.

The Stacks Chairs and Poppy Dining Chairs provide versatile seating options for dining and casual meetings. Complementing these seating choices are the Hem Circle and Square Dining Tables, which add a modern touch with their sleek designs. This area is perfect for casual interactions, dining, and taking a break from work.

Our selection includes 338 Bar Chairs and Poppy Bar Chairs, both offering a mix of contemporary style and comfort. These bar chairs are used in the café area and the workspace with high tables, creating breakout seating places for team discussions. This setup allows staff to step away from their usual routine, providing more headspace and a refreshing change from their regular seating areas.

The area with the round built-in sofa is perfectly complemented by two Origin Side Tables. Their sleek design and modern elegance enhance the cozy nook, making it ideal for casual meetings or a quick break. The tables add style and functionality, seamlessly integrating with the sofa for a cohesive look.

For those needing a peaceful retreat, the Quiet Room features the Santo Lowback Modular Sofa. Its cozy fabric upholstery and modern metal legs make it an ideal spot for focused work or a quick recharge. Paired with the versatile Round Side Table with wheels, this space offers a serene escape from the busy office environment, providing both comfort and functionality.

The Flow Pod, located in the corner near the workspace, provides staff with a private and stylish spot for focused work or quick breaks. Its rhythmic design adds a touch of elegance and a unique visual appeal, enhancing both comfort and productivity for everyone using the space.

 The Pipe seating, placed in the game room and some corners of the workspace, offers unique spots for relaxation and casual meetings. In the work area, the Ginkgo - Lounge II chairs and R50 coffee and side tables provide comfortable and stylish options for casual and hot desking. These additions create dynamic and versatile spaces, enhancing both productivity and comfort throughout the office.

Additionally, the Fly II chairs are used in the meeting room, providing ergonomic support and a sleek design for productive discussions. These additions create dynamic and versatile spaces, enhancing both productivity and comfort throughout the office. 

Our work with Terumo has resulted in a stylish and functional office makeover at The Concourse. Meraki Decoration's furniture selections have transformed each area into a space that enhances productivity with style, reflecting Terumo's commitment to excellence and innovation. Stay tuned for more exciting projects and transformations!