Balance - Dining Table(Dia700/1000/1200mm)

SKU: K029B
Color: Olive (frame) + Jenny grey (top)


Size: Dia700 x H680mm



Product Information

A return to the basics was the central theme at the start of our weight table design process. Weights are used as mass standards to express our understanding of the load bearing of the table. The lines on the weights are designed with respect to the golden ratio, thus the top and bottom components are firm and secure. The series of weights also have symmetrical upper and lower end-tables, with the upper one removable to serve dual functions of storage and flower arrangement.


Ceramic/teak top, water-resistant aluminum frame


Olive (frame) + Jenny grey (top),
Orange (frame) + Jenny grey (top),
Black mat (frame) + Dark grey (top),
Olive (frame) + Teak (top),
Orange (frame) + Teak (top),
Black mat (frame) + Teak (top),
Olive grey (frame) + Jenny grey (top),
Black mat (frame) + Sharo blue (top)


Dia700 x H680mm
Dia700 x H750mm
Dia1000 x H750mm
Dia1200 x H750mm

Additional Info

Additional 10% for other colors on color swatch

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