Corbu - 2/3 Seater

SKU: JLG024B-1
Material: Velvet


Size: L1800mm



Product Information

The design Corbu sofa was born in 2019, which is Bauhaus 100th anniversary. The designer is inspired and wants to pay homage to the iconic Corbusier sofa. Inspired by the sofa technological structure as the starting point. The traditional sofa internal frame structure is abandoned, and the soft module of full down and sponge is embedded into the simple and hard metal frame, forming a strong contrast between soft and hard.


Solid multi layer board structure, high density sponge, natural down, stainless steel electroplated legs, fabric upholstery


Upholstery color: Please refer to color swatch
Frame color: Gold


W1800 x D840 x SH400/H690mm
W2200 x D840 x SH400/H690mm

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