Fly II - High Chair

Type: A



Product Information

The Fly side chair series is inspired by the elegant posture of the swan and the graceful curve of the neck.

In the extended Fly side chair series, the designer slightly arches the chair surface and back under the premise of extracting the elegant curve of the swan to create a chair with an excellent wrapping shape.

The Fly side chair series has a complete ecosystem, from side chairs to bar chairs, there are dozens of tripods and functional accessories to choose from, which greatly meets the requirements of various training spaces, meeting spaces, and leisure spaces. demand.


High resilience sponge, fabric/PU upholstery, metal leg/solid ashwood leg


Upholstery color: Please refer to color swatch
Leg color (metal legs): White, Black


Type A: W540 x D530 x SH780/H1050mm (Four Leg)
Type B: W540 x D530 x SH780/H1050mm (Sled Leg)
Type C: W470 x D530 x SH755/H1065mm (Wooden Leg)

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