Lantern - Outdoor Table Lamp

SKU: K034A
Color: Orange


Type: Small



Product Information

The inspiration of Lantern series comes from the combination of oriental aesthetics and modern design. Lantern series is about "light", the lamp absorbs the configuration elements and special style from the traditional Chinese lantern and hand-basket. It retains the elegant "handle" design on the top, which can be easily carried and moved at will. For this hand lamp, it adds a small round bottom, which you can display plant, flower, decoration pieces to build the cozy atmosphere, delightfully fresh nature.


Water-resistant aluminum, LED, built in USB port


Orange, Olive, Olive grey, Black mat


Small: W147 x D138 x H265mm
Large: W160 x D166 x H420mm

Additional Info

LED warm light, 3 adjustable brightness
Charging of lamp through dual charging mode: Solar or Micro USB

Additional 10% for other colors on color swatch

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