Mello - Rectangular/Round Coffee Table

Color: White


Size: Round



Product Information

As a series of products of Milo sofa, Milo tea table follows its unique form of tripod. The tripod and countertop of Milo tea table have a cantilever design to create a unique floating and lightness feeling; The black-and-white rhyolite board is steady and elegant, and the cutting edge on the side shows exquisite technology; Square or round countertops with staggered underframes provide more possibilities for combination.

The Mello tea table is connected with the table through an easily installed suction cup. The disassembly and assembly of the tripod is also very simple, which can be packaged and transported flat.
From the two aspects of temperament and function, Milo tea table can easily integrate into all kinds of office space to improve the style of the space.


Sintered stone, spray painted metal leg


White, Black


Round: Dia800 x H295mm
Rectangular: L1200 x D600 x H430mm

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