SKU: K026
Color: Vita30 + Orange


Type: A



Product Information

Ribbon Stool is an abstraction of natural things and simple manual-era life. It conveys a relaxed and beautiful emotion. Its round shape looks like vigorous seeds, leaves, plump succulent plants and grains. The banding design represents the easy hand tying actions, such as bundling hay, tying a bouquet or a gift. Ribbon Stool has a multi-layer design with removable surface cover for easy cleaning and replacement, waterproof liner, and bottom counterweight for excellent outdoor performance. The stylish color and a variety of sizes make it flexible. This Stool can be used with dining tables, sofas or as combination furnishing of commercial space.


Water-resistant fabric upholstery, high density foam


Vita30 + Orange,
Light grey + Dark grey


Type A: W440 x D440 x H450mm
Type B: W660 x D470 x H390mm

Additional Info

Additional 10% for other colors on color swatch

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