Shell - Bar Stool A



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The inspiration of the Shell bar chair comes from the stripe element of the shell. The designer refined the shell thread as the design element and used the modern embossing process to greatly improve the utilization rate of the medium pressure fabric. The product is environmentally friendly. At the same time, customers can customize the fabric color matching of the seat surface. The seat surface is made of a whole sponge, which is elastic and comfortable. The steel frame of the four legged Shell bar chair has stable structure and light overall weight, which is convenient for flexible use in space.
The Shell bar chair of the column type adopts a lifting chassis with adjustable height, which can be used in use scenarios with different heights. The pedals are processed with rounded corners to avoid metal hooking and ensure product safety.

Shell bar chair can be applied to a variety of spaces, such as leisure space, training space, video space, fast office area, tea space, etc. in the space, it can meet the needs of office, leisure and entertainment, match with rich fabric selection, and inject vitality into the office space.


High resilience sponge, fabric upholstery, metal leg


Please refer to color swatch


Dia470 x H770mm

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MOQ: 4 nos

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