Sok - Working Table

Size: L2800mm



Product Information

The name of SOK means social, office and kitchen. It is a desk system, but at the same time it breaks the rules and can be used in three spaces. It provides one space with a multi experience. It can become a necessary product for different spaces: entertainment, office, leisure. It is characterized by great flexibility. Partition screen, power rail and other accessories can be freely configured with SOK system. The innovative fan-shaped partition can be opened and closed, from the work area to the dining area, to the private area. Abundant accessories and perfect structure undoubtedly make the SOK series more flexible and can be customized to each environment.


25mm MFC board with powder-coated metal leg


As per image


L2800 x D1400 x H750mm
L4200 x D1400 x H750mm

Additional Info

For L2800mm:
Includes 4 flip boxes
For L4200mm:
Includes 6 flip boxes

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