U-Box - Modular

Type: UCCS-S1N


Upholstery Material: F1

Upholstery Material


Product Information

The U-Box series of furniture is designed to provide various application scenarios through different modular combinations, enhancing the quality of the work environment and providing a comfortable office experience.


Solid wood structure, fabric upholstery, high resilience sponge, solid wood leg, MFC board


Upholstery color: Please refer to the color swatch


UCCS-S1N: W1000 x D650 x H420mm
UCCS-A1N: W1040 x D705 x H420mm
UCCS-V1N: W1040 x D705 x H420mm
UCCS-S1L: W1000 x D680 x SH430/H700mm
UCCS-A1L: W1040 x D735 x SH430/H700mm
UCCS-V1L: W1040 x D735 x SH430/H700mm
UCCS-S1M: W1000x D680 x SH430/H900mm
UCCS-A1M: W1040 x D735 x SH430/H900mm
UCCS-V1M: W040 x D735 x SH430/H900mm
Throw(S): W400 x D420 x Thk180mm
Throw(M): W680 x D420 x Thk180mm

Additional Info

ISO 14001 Certification

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