Zoo - Stool

SKU: JL068-1
Type: Sea Lion(with table)



Product Information

Our office furniture designs are innovative and respectful of traditional culture. The Zoo series draws on the elements of "shadow play" and incorporates vivid silhouettes, giving the products artistic beauty and vitality. It is highly flexible, allowing users to freely choose their sitting position, and is equipped with a small table to improve office efficiency. The Zoo series shows the charm of traditional culture with interesting design and improves the quality of the office environment.

The flexibility of the Zoo series is also a major highlight. Users can choose to sit sideways or upright according to their needs and preferences, greatly improving the comfort and freedom of use. At the same time, the product is also equipped with
an optional small desk, which is convenient for users to use during work, making the office environment more efficient and convenient.


Solid wood structure, fabric upholstery, high resilience sponge, MFC board


Upholstery color: Please refer to color swatch
Wood color: Oask, Walnut, Black veneer


Sea Lion: W470 x D735 x SH490/H630mm
Elephant: W470 x D650 x H490mm
Ape: W305 x D650 x H490mm

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